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FilmStream Referral Service is a fast growing network of industry professionals with over 400 A-list movies on their resumes. Currently we have members in 41 states and 17 countries.

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Industry Professionals

  • Tired of paying your agent 10% a week for the job you found yourself?
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  • Most jobs come as a referral from someone you know.
  • It's time to make your network work for you.

Producers and Production Companies

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New Members
  • LonnyMacD
  • opheliamakeup
  • RussGrace FCP/AfterEffects Editor
  • stephbarkley
  • ostaz
  • shirancarolyn
  • scottvanbeever
  • lmcgovern
  • atomusic
  • Peettheman
Latest Member Projects
  • Awkward Puppets
  • Triangle
  • Josh Randy "Murderer"
  • El Gant "Iron Eagle"
  • Murray's Cheese "Cave Aged"
  • The Tale of the Broken Faucet
  • Commuter Connections "Ride Share"
  • Pasta "The Process"
  • Sight & Sound
  • Half Way Crooks "Point the Finger"
  • Where the Wild Things Are Now
  • Jack London's Love of Life
  • Rizzoli & Isles
  • Fairly Legal
  • "Sweet Georgia Brown"